Sexual Health and Wellness

Sexual Health and Wellness specialist in Buffalo, NY

Get back to the “real you”

We offer many integrative and cutting edge modalities to address a women`s physical health to improve their intimacy.

We experienced the lack of knowledge of providers, availability for treatment, and lack of resources for women when it came to a females’ sexual health. Due to her personal experiences, she dedicated her career to addressing gender bias and is passionate about providing the best hormonal care for women.

We understand the frustration of being dismissed, told “everything is normal”, and feeling defeated. Our goal is to not only treat women, but also educate women, husbands, significant others, families, and society about hormonal changes that occur with aging. Times have changed, and it is time that we start normalizing sexual health & wellness for women.

“Men, you think we don’t like you, but really, we don’t like how WE feel.”
“My doctor said my thyroid is ‘normal’ so why can't I lose weight?”

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) vaginal rejuvenation for stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Hormonal changes in life that affects libido, self confidence and vaginal dryness.

Let us help you get back to the “real you”.